About Us

Empowered women help empower more women.

John and I are passionate about two things:

  • More women should be in the executive suite and other positions of power.
  • We want our grandchildren to live in a world that embraces strong American values – that are equally accessible to everyone.

Why? Because women offer a diversity of opinion, decision making skills, multi-tasking skills, discipline, and integrity.  It’s often said “men paint with broad strokes and women fill in the details.”  Empowered women have earned our respect.  It is time for empower women to have a seat at the table.  This will set an example for future generations of young, strong women.  Diversity and inclusion are our country’s strength.

Our focus is on helping people succeed.  Together, they have owned a management consulting business for over twenty-five years working with companies on selection, retention, and engagement issues. Personally, they are blessed with two daughters and seven grandchildren.

Note:  A portion of each sale will go to the Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s Foundation and to autism research.

Individual Bios

Carole Hale Bishop Headshot

Carole has over twenty-five years of experience in counseling, specializing in women’s issues, grief work and life coaching.  In the corporate world, her expertise includes executive coaching, motivation, training, conflict resolution and employee selection.

John Bishop Headshot

John has owned two companies and was the VP – Sales in another company with 300 salespeople. In his free time, he has camped alone at the bottom of the Grand Canyon for seven days and earned two black belts in Martial Art.  In his earlier days, he did a 6,700 mile “Easy Rider” motorcycle trip across the US.

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