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First Book in the series coming Dec 2020

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“Today’s habits determine tomorrow’s future”

-Carole Hale-Bishop

2020 has been a rough year for all of us.  Stress, fear, and worry were all too familiar.

We want to help make 2021 a little brighter and less stressful.   We asked hundreds of women one question:

What is the Best Advice You Ever Received?

Many women submitted their advice and life lessons in hopes of making your journey a little easier and hopefully a little more fun. The book includes some material for self-reflection, journaling, and discussion stimulating ideas. Some advice you will find in Empowered Women Helping Others book:

  • 2 powerful questions to ask everyday – Thank you Ben Franklin
  • 10 roadblocks to your success
  • 225 empowering ideas
  • 10 things anger steals from you
  • 10 life lessons learned on a unicycle
  • 10 ways to prepare for your success
  • 10 rules about money
  • Several places for your notes, reflections, and journaling

The Empowered Women Helping Others book will help you navigate this complicated, exciting, sometimes scary world we live in. You will find advice on personal growth, career, stress management, healthy living, midlife, single parenting, time management, etc.

Empowered women.  In most cases, the women sharing their life lessons and empowerment quotes have overcome some of life’s hurdles and speed bumps.  For example: divorce, single parenting, grief, money issues, parenting teens, depression, caring for a relative with or Autism, stress management, midlife crisis, etc.

Your journey may seem overwhelming at times, but you are not alone. Women sharing their life experiences will remind you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You are a WINNER!

The Empowered Women Helping Others book is the first in a series for women helping and inspiring others.   Our second book will be out this summer.  Do you have advice you want to share?  (i.e. dealing with stress, divorce, depression, money issues, relationships, etc.)  Who helped you when you needed a little help?

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