TM CoverA man I knew was given six months to live, yet his outlook on life was inspiring.

I asked how he could stay so positive knowing he only had a short time to live. He shared these thoughts with me.

“Each day when I wake up, I receive twenty-four gold coins, one for each hour of the day. I spend some of those coins for eating, sleeping, time with my family, and taking care of the day’s responsibilities. I choose to spend some of my daily hours (coins) having fun and helping others. At the end of each day there are usually a couple of special gold coins left over. I spend these with particular care. “

What an invaluable life lesson for us and our children. We live in a hectic, “there is never enough time to get everything done” world. Our future success, and that of our children, will be determined by how wisely we invest our daily gold coins.